Different Job

A job closer to home, this would be a good thing.  Weeks of training and I am reading policy. I read the following words “it is the ethical responsibility of the practitioner to inform their manager of their status. This will then be taken to the upper management and it will be decided if you should be allowed to practice” Well that is one illegal and stupid.  If the only ways to transmit this virus is blood on blood – body fluids etc how would practicing as a CNA, LPN, RN or MD put my people at risk?  No one is planning on sleeping with they patients.  This stresses me no end.  I am not telling anyone of my status but, if they find out and I haven’t told them I stand the risk of being punished.  All of my health care people work at this place. No one is going to say anything to the higher management but at what risk?  I went from working five 12 hours shifts a week to barely making it through 24 hours.  I am not sure what to do. This isn’t working. My family is stressing as they do not understand the reasons I am not feeling well.  I tell them I have high blood pressure.  They are not believing this so much.  I am not sure what to do.  But there is still no one else to chat with.  Just to talk to, not to feel alone.  World wide this is not a small disease, even in the States we are not alone.  Why is it then that there is so little support?  I have been told that women who are infected are busy taking care of the family issues, there is no time to be involved in such things as stress etc.  I have seen people that refuse to take medication and they are running against the time that their bodies can fight the virus and that time they cannot fight.. I am not sure where I stand.  I need to be here for my family.. my kids are young. There is never a good time to loose a parent, especially if you are a single parent, so I need to be here but, I understand the reasons behind not taking medication but I am here for the long term, and I am here to make a difference.


Thank you for sharing below.

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