Journey – could this day get any worse

The Health Department walks in, she is a middle aged white women.  Sits down next to me, has booklets and a teaching guide.  Ms. Health Department explains that she is an investigator for the state. That criminal charges could be brought against anyone who knowingly infects a person without stating their status.  Then she asks me the oddest questions I have heard so far.  “What kind of sex did you have?” What? I had loving sex once, what are you talking about?  Turns out Ms. Health Department wants to know all the positions I had sex in, as there are some that are more likely to cause bleeding and thus infect a person. Did you ever have anal sex?  What??  She opens this booklet that is mine to keep.. great joy.  There is list the state law code and such stating this illegal action can cost a person thirty thousand dollars fine, fifteen years in prison and in my case since my beloved is not a citizen – deportation.  Did I think he did this on purpose?  What?? Where is he now? What?? Here is a form to fill out for what is called the Ryan White program, have you heard of it?  I heard of Ryan White yes, am not daft.  Well fill this out and they will cover the cost of the medication.  The medication I am not taking at the moment because none of my lab work has even been drawn yet, yes that medication.  Fill out the form.  Ms Health Department starts to tell me that I won’t die from this, ten years ago they would come in to the appointment and tell the people that they have ten years to live, more or less but, now with treatment options improved I am more likely to be hit by a bus then die from HIV.  A bus? A freaking bus really?  HIV not the death that it used to be.. great.. why are you here again?  She goes through the booklet, big pictures of people smiling, nothing that interests me.  Then Ms Health Department calls in the nurse, says “I have to have a witness, this form I need you to sign says that you have been educated to the state law and that you understand that it is now illegal for you to have sex with anyone in this state.”  What she failed to say was unless you disclose your status. I signed the form, the nurse witnessed it and then they all left.  I am now a criminal in my own state..welcome to the struggle


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