Journey – ray of light, maybe

It is a week later, am sitting in an other little room with no windows, the doctor motors on in, starts visiting with me. My viral load has exploded.  There is now enough to do the genotype on my own, don’t need the ex, am going to list you as partnered though, okay whatever.  There is a lot of new thought in the HIV world. There is a protein some people have on their cells that makes it impossible to let HIV in, that one day there will be a vaccine based on this and then a cure, in my life time he says.  I think going to get hit by a bus.. He start talking to me about the reasons to take medication.  The first being to keep what you have and to make you stronger.  He has treated people with CD4 counts in the teens that recover.  I am good my CD4 count is average, and with treatment the viral load should go down. The second reason is to protect society at large.  If I somehow get cut or whatever with good medication coverage there is little chance of conversation on a single event.  Okay good point.. The thing you have to remember is that once you start taking the medication you have to keep taking the medication, do not stop just because you don’t want to take them anymore. If there are side effects (if) then there are PRN’s that we can use to modify them or even change medication.  I want you to take Complera it is a one time a day treatment, take it every day at the same time, and we will see what happens from there. You need to be seen after taking the medication for three months.

well that is pretty straight forward.. oh and we have a support group, Thursdays, you should come.. UH sure???

Thank you for sharing below.

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