Journey to the other Doctor

I walk into the office, the nicest women greets me, she takes my name and asks me for ten dollars.  Not thinking about money, am glad that I had ten dollars in my wallet. I hand it over to her.  She says thank you.  I sit for a while in the smallest waiting area, four chairs.  Someone calls my name. I follow her to a room. She smiles and takes my vitals.  I am suppose to be seeing a MD that has an Irish name but, turns out I am seeing the other MD.  Cool, what do I know.  She leaves. The MD comes in.  Medium height, of Asian decent, no accent, he sits down.  Asks me what has been done so far?  I said nothing.  He says he will be drawing blood work today. Then he says he is going to look at my back, which he proceeds to do.  So now he says “I am going to give you a script for medication, you should start taking this right away” I say what about my genotype? Shouldn’t that be done before I start on meds?  He is going to give me the prescription and when the blood work comes back I should start taking it.  There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong.  Did I have any questions?  That is when I asked what I thought was a smart questions I said “Should I be taking a vitamin daily?”  He said no, it wouldn’t help.  I felt like the stupidest person on the planet.  Doctor said he was going to go write up my lab work but, the State Health Department was here to talk to me.  Not to worry, there are programs to pay for the cost of treatment, so I will not have to pay anything in the end.  What kind of statement was that?  I have no idea what is going on, why does the state want to talk to me? What is the rest of the information?  What the hell is going on here.  I was not a stranger to the struggle in the eighties, I watched people die from this, I have seen the Quilt, walked many times to raise money, assisted with setting people up with community resources. What the hell is going on here! You want to look at my back and then send in the health department.. great good yes lets do that.. bring on the health department, this could not get much worse, right? I was wrong.. it got much worse


Thank you for sharing below.

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