Why I started this post

Reflecting on the reasons why people start posts, I am coming close to the year anniversary of being told of my new journey.  Over the past year I have been put off, yelled at, called names, not scheduled for work hours, told that I should be happy, told that I should be mad, told that I am not alone but that we cannot give you support, expressed that just because you have a disease doesn’t mean a person that is not suffering from same disease cannot understand what you are going through..but cannot assist you either.  That a grass roots effort to reach out to others may or may not work but it is worth the time either way. To give a space to converse or to have  a spot to start with others in the same situation.  This journey is not something that we choose to do but we are here. Some of us have been involved in healthcare and worked to limit the effects of this disease but still find ourselves in the midst of that which we were trying to protect others from.  I understand that I am the type of person that cares for people no matter, people are people.  To cast out some because of fear or shame is not an appropriate response.  I am the same person I was on the 16th of March last year that I was on the 17th. Maybe just a bit more to carry on this journey.  Hopefully this blog will hook me up with others in the same situation and we can support each other.  Another day and some more people and remember we are not alone.


Thank you for sharing below.

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