the core of ones’ being..

I sat in my front room with my three daughters this night, all multiply ethnic, and listened to the youngest daughter of 13 – a 2nd degree black belt and all around good kid – tell the third period story of the boy who debated with her of how she could not be racist because she was a – at which point he leaned into her ear and whispered .. because you are a N***ger….. my daughter was working on rationalizing this action and was being explained by her sisters and her mother that this was never something that could be rationalized.. Her older sister pointed out the when mom goes places without us no one sees her as ‘black’ but no matter where we go we always seen as black so we use humor.  As a mother I was proud to see my older girls explain this to their sister. The older girls talk about my experiences with cross burnt in my yard and white folk shouting stupid things at us.  Talk about their own experiences in this town and in others where white girls wont let them play because they didn’t have any veins, how the kids would play with their braids till their hair fell out.. how humor and education is the way to sort these things out and to hold people accountable for their thoughts and actions.  Off to middle school I go in the morning.

Then I started thinking about that statement.. the core of ones’ being.. her’s was attacked and for no reason..fear is the main proponent behind attacking a person.. ethnic background to HIV status.. people will find something to tear at that person.  How do we support, embrace and empower a group of people who are invisible?  How can that be part of the the daily journey.  So many people are struggling.. I am just not sure what to do….but it will start with the principle of the school first think in the morning..


Thank you for sharing below.

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