I have had my blood drawn ever three months for over 20 months now for viral load and CD4 count.  Each time my viral load went down till it was not detectable and my CD4 went up on average 200 points till it was over 1000.  I was very happy.  This last time my CD4 was read to me as a percentage and I thought that to be weird. When I called my case manager back he gave me my number as I was off to see the MD local due to throwing up and bone pain.  My CD4 had dropped over 300 points or cells or whatever you want to say.. the fact remains that it went from over 1000 to 715.  The case manager said that the MD was not too worried about it as my CD4 level is still undetectable and that there would be ‘some fluctuation’  some fluctuation is 10 or so.. a 300 point drop is huge.  But ‘she will discuss it at your next visit” which is still three weeks off.  Maybe it is the stress I have been under with moving, and not working and being ill.  I went to the MD here in town for the throwing up, my primary is on maternity leave so I saw the MD and first the medical student, the medical student was interested in all I had to say and then the MD came in and said.. huh.. I don’t see where bone pain is a side effect of the medication.  I said right look it up.. he did really quickly but didn’t see it.  He is thinking he should write up a letter for the HIV doctor to inform her of the side effects of the medication as they always want to know why don’t you try a different drug.  Which was my thought at the beginning as well but there is much more to the dance then just taking a different one off the shelve. It is complicated.  So I got a different pain med and am still in pain, yeah team.. makes it very difficult to do much of anything and I am dishearten by that. Now I must go do things as other people depend on me.. hopefully it will be a good day.


Thank you for sharing below.

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