The circle continues

People have different ways of doing things.. I was taught that if there was news then it was up to the person whose news it was to share it, no matter how exciting it was or whatever, it was not proper to take an others thunder so to speak.  I might be the only person who got this message.. I manage to deal day by day with HIV but when I cut myself on a piece of paper I freak out.  It all comes rushing to the top again.  How that each day is a new day, that I fight within my body and soul to maintain and function.  That being said, i am not sure I am doing such a good job.  Feelings are not of my children had some news that she was waiting to tell the rest of the group until the pictures arrived but someone else in the group told someone who then told everyone under the sun, and not kind and lovingly either but, rudely and with malice.  As if a person cannot have a bit of news to share with flair.. it is disheartening.  Either way you look at it, it is a good thing, unless you don’t like children.. then it doesn’t matter. It brings up passed injuries and stupidity that could have just been avoided had people not been judgmental.. and that is what people are, judgmental.. single parent, biracial, inter-racial relationship, gender differences in love, tattoos versus no tattoos, HIV+, not-white, judgmental it is all some people have.. and it is sad.. with photos of small children awash in the tide, folks should have more to do with their time then be judgmental.


Thank you for sharing below.

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