Paying it forward

Today is another day in the world I live in, I finally have a Paypal button on my about the struggler page.  So perhaps that will assist in the struggle here.  I discovered today that the health professions in this state have an assistance page special for just health professionals. At the very bottom of the page it states that the purpose of the service is to make sure that the professional is not too “ill” to continue in the profession they are currently working.  When I called to ask about HIV and nursing I was informed that it is not a standard practice but on a base to base case but usually there is too much risk for provider and for patient for an HIV + provider to remain in practice, especially in direct care.  So I am in flux, I am discouraged and dismayed.  I don’t know what to do but if anyone has any ideas or thoughts or wants to support with a donation, at least now there is a way.. paying it forward.. pass it on..


Thank you for sharing below.

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