there really isn’t any calvery, is there?


Today has been a very rough day.  I do work at being hopeful in all I do but I am not so hopeful right now.  It is late in the month, two of my kids are ill or injured school is winding down for all, my bankruptcy is still going on and I still have only 32$ to my name.  It is frustrating.  After the bankruptcy is done my credit will need rebuilding so that does not go well for moving and renting.  I am tired of explaining to healthcare professionals that I just don’t feel good.  And them to tell me that I look good on paper, except for that liver failure, and all those medication side effects.  The statement on the disability form says that your “conditional prevents you from work for at least 12 months in a row or that is expected to result in death. There must be medical evince showing the impairments”. So what more do you need from me?  I haven’t worked since last June, I am going to die and I have no ability to make any other money at this time.  With three underage kids and a grandchild to raise.  That therapist that they hooked me up with is only there Monday or Tuesdays and cannot see me until May 16th.  I might be dead by then. Would that work for you, disability services?? I haven’t slept in three or four days.. I get up and get my kids ready for school and lay down to take a nap, only I have awful vivid dreams and then I wake up horrified, scared and alone.  I am not sure how much more I can take of this.  It has just been a ducky day.


Thank you for sharing below.

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