Another Day Starts with a New Step

The idea has been jumping about my mind to form a support group and non-for-profit LCC, been reading up on other folks who journey down this road. Some start with pets that assist with depression, there are art programs and such things.. so I was thinking that most of the needs that I have that are unmet are things that could be assessed and then assisted with the proper non or not for profit. So I did some research, seems that in my state 93% of all HIV cases are in the Southeast region of the state. That of those an equal amount are heterosexual, females, and in the age groups of 25 to 65. Research states that keeping people in care is difficult due to the stigma and all the other things that women have to do in the day adds to the difficulties of proper care. I have to travel over an hour to the infectious disease provider, he then sends me to doctors in other cities for exams, scans etc.. and heaven help me if I can fit in a therapy appointment to keep myself from killing myself, providing for childcare when I am not working much less providing for my children in general is a mess.. but imagine what a support not for profit group could do to assist all the people in my situation? There is a very difficult area of time when at times people are not working but do not qualify for disability where there is right at this moment less then twenty dollars in my whole life but there is no soap, hair shampoo or conditioner, potty paper, laundry soap and there is not a really good way for me to get any of that.. if I was a not for profit I would be able to set up support lines for peeps going through the same things or an experienced peep with a new peep and that would have been so much help to me these past two and half year.. instead of dealing with this alone, am so depressed so much of the time and dealing with the side effects, the BS of treatment and the way I view myself is slowly killing perhaps a not for profit would be a good thing.. I believe that people are mostly helpful..let me say people outside my area when then hear of HIV would be mostly helpful to support the task of keeping peeps a part of society.. so guess I will see what the next step is..


Thank you for sharing below.

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