After the Elections

The elections have gone by and I and a bunch of others are frustrated and scared.. it is beyond how all this is going to work out but I am going to miss Obama and Joe. There are changes that need to be done but fossil fuel jobs are gone and even if the whole thing is set up to run on fossil fuel that just means that new jobs can be had in the change over. There is much to say for how things get done but I do not know how so much anger can be in the hearts of so many..
Since election day the cost of my prescription has gone up 300$ taking it to the shy of 3000$ a month.. I cannot afford that. No one can.. There are still so many things that have to be worked on but medical care for all people is not a privilege it needs to be a right..
It will be three years in a few months since I found out that I was intentionally infected. Life is not better.. out of the last seven days I spent two so tired that every time that I tried to get up I would fall asleep again, two days throwing up and one day pooping, even in my pants. There is not a bunch I can do about things but, I am working on it. there are more then just me having such an awful time.. but now if we come together we are even more exposed.. it is very difficult area to find the best way though,
This was the first day in a long time that I have woken up thinking it would be better off to die.. there needs to be support in this area and I suppose I can go about and ask some others to assist in figuring out what I can do to raise funds and such to help out that cause..


Thank you for sharing below.

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