The Long Journey Home

It’s been a week since World AID’s Day.. Nothing has changed.. the turn out was few, the people in charge of the Ryan White Program did not even show up.. I still am no closer to finding any answers then I was two and half years ago.. I read that there are over 17,000 people living with HIV in Philadelphia but I don’t live in Philadelphia.. sometimes I don’t want to live anywhere.. The news is all about how people voted for Trump because they were mad or disillusioned.. it is not that difficult to figure out.. Like VP Joe said.. a job is about more then a paycheck.. it’s about self respect.  Well now is the time for people to wake up and realize that they can’t make money in coal and dirty energy.. they need to think clean and turn things around.. it is not that the country or the party has left them behind it is that we are not up to date with what is needing to happen.. people are lazy.. if my father and his father and his father before all worked in the same whatever you think that there should still be a job there for me.. but it is not true.. the technology changes.. you may not have to get a college education to get a good job but you do need to look at the changes and realize that things are not the way they used to be.. Spending 7000$ in Tax breaks to keep some people in Indianapolis just means that the state has that much less in the bank to fix roads or schools or fund health insurance, drug programs.. and those jobs are not all staying and they will not pay enough for the workers to buy enough stuff to put 7000$ back into the state government spending.. and lets face it the USA is not the only major player looking to expand their manufacturing to other places.. just because all the jobs didn’t go to Mexico doesn’t mean that most of them are and those that are open will be filled by other countries that need the space and workers to make items that they will then sell back to the USA without a tax on it because it is not a USA company to being with.. When workers work day after to day to have a check to tend to their families and that company gives the management a pay raise for increase productivity but then charges the workers more for health insurance without a pay raise .. that is what passes people off.. that is just what happened to Indiana.. Just like the HIV outbreak could have been avoided.. town full of unemployed people without hope saving money reusing needles.. and now you have over 300 people with HIV.. if each of them is in treatment that is 2300$ per person per month forever… where is the sound government in that policy?  The answer is there isn’t much if any there…now I am frustrated and not feeling well and this same governors policies will now effect the nation.. how quickly can the progress that has been made be lost when government policy is chasing a ghost, a shadow of a dream once held.

No one said you had to sell your home and move to Mexico but perhaps you might have to move to another area of the country where believe it or not there are people just like you.. in neighborhoods just like the one you left.. working hard to make the rent and pay the taxes.. sure they may not be from your hometown but, they are from their hometown and they came together to form a new town were growth was possible with new training and new jobs.. so lets give it some thought.. read the book Who Moved My Cheese… and then decide which one you want to be or want your children to be..

I have mourned that my town that I grew up in has not one of my siblings or family left in it.  My Fathers town is not much better.. people have to move for jobs.  If you are lucky you get to stay in the same state.. or maybe not so lucky.. maybe moving to a different state would be a break through.. all you know for sure is that if you stay here you will die.  The jobs that paid top dollar in Steel are gone.. crappy steel for over seas is causing problems and danger.  But if you want to make steel then go make steel. But go big, go global.. get your steel into the areas where poor steel was used… look at the facts… use cheap steel and rebuild after every earthquake, mudslide or fire or worse.. Hire people who know how to make sturdy safe buildings using American Made Strong Steel and watch as your nations, town or country thrives in the safety of a good product and service.  It that country doesn’t have the money right now.. IOU for land is always nice.. land to develop conversational farming practices to rebuild the rain forest.. to save the damn polar bears,  bees, forest elephants, even the inter city kids who want a job and with good global education can run a wind farm in North Africa just as well as one in China with a Community College education in addition to a top notch public high school education.  One where we learn about economic trends, effects of war on land as well as on people, how not to turn people into terrorist by locking them up in camps that are mud filled versions of hell or in prisons that are not much better.

I believe that all people want to have a shot as Hamilton is so good at saying right now and that no one wants to give up that shot.  There are many ways to get to a better place but how we get there is up to the power we have to move and control our own lives.  I have no power at this time.  I have disease raging in my body and tearing my soul apart.  But I still have a dream.. a possible plan that could provide not only for my family but for others in the same situation.. for others that do not feel safe in their homes or communities due to their sexual identity, or who want to learn about a global way of saving those polar bears who will not always be able to keep on swimming to the next ice age.. But I like so many others will need assistance in reaching that goal.. If the government put half as much into me as they are putting into way off base trade rules.. I could assist many.. with my one idea I could assist others.. then perhaps no one would be sitting in their bed next to bottles and bottles of pain pills trying to focus on a reason to wake up in the morning.  Because there would be something that they could assist with.. and it would be meaningful and the stories that would be told and taught could shape a generation or two, hopefully three. I am not going to waste my shot.. but I don’t want it wasted for me either.. here’s hoping that we all wake up tomorrow. part of a more perfect union.. or just part of a growing loving family..peace shout out..



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