There was an effort made by a young women in high school for her project Healthy Lifestyles to start a fund drive for families in the county with HIV. She put together the AIDS day mass and dinner, informed all the churches, all the groups on campus, handed out ribbons at school. She is so disappointed that she has not raised anything.. no funding.. no gifts.. nothing.. no one even emailed or called her to see what they could do to assist. It takes so much effort to locate families with HIV because they are tying to hide, to just get by. But she saw the need and wanted to assist. Now it is five days or less before the holiday.. the season of giving and even the churches do not want to assist. I knew it was awful.. to be HIV positive. The stigma and such.. but I had no idea that the entire community would turn their back on a fifteen year old girl trying to make a difference for just a couple dozen families. I feel awful for the child. I gave her the option of putting the whole thing on Twitter and Facebook, so she did that this morning and after a half a day, not one like on Facebook, not one inquiry and only one like on Twitter.. nothing else.

As part of a family living with HIV I can speak to the idea that it sucks.. there are no presents for the young ones this year.. there is not enough money to pay the cell phone bill which is the only phone we have, my therapist gave us a goodie bag and it had potty paper – which makes me very happy as a person, and light bulbs and laundry detergent. All things that were needed and I am grateful to have received.. but getting supplies from the therapist is a given type thing..she hates to see me in flip flops when it snows.. but you know my kids have shoes, just no presents..

I so wish that folks would understand that this is the worst place or at least one of the worst places to be when you have HIV because no one cares. They hear HIV and think drug user or slut or homosexual but even if that were true to judge someone like that is a sin.. in several different cultures.. and it makes me sad that not even during the holiday season could the twenty thousand or so folks in that young girls town find it in their Hearts to assist 25 families in need of a little holiday cheer. No wonder people want to kill themselves…


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