Christmas Day

All days are days to be thankful and that is what we all should do.. today and for the next seven days are holidays for several different groups.. and one would be hopeful that people would be kind and loving during these days and carry it forward unto the next year.. as so many are scared and there a difference between being scared because your jobs are disappearing and there is not enough money to make the rent and our president is trying to start a war that could not be won using weapons that everyone knows will kill everyone, including the rich..
My wish would be to have a bunch of money so that no one would be forgotten at the holiday season, no one would feel like their ability to work was destroyed or that our entire way of life is in danger due relationships that are toxic… Russia, Israel.. both these places have people that are just trying to live.. but hacking an election or taking over lands that do not belong to you just because you are bigger or that you can or are mad.. is it not kind or loving and it is wrong.

I want to be able to work, I want to be able to provide holiday dinner for my family and for ten other families.. I would love to pay for heating oil for fifty people in places where resources are nill and folks are cold.. but as we have learned this past one cares if you are HIV+.. no one cares even if you are a child just working on raising money for a good cause and school course.
Keeping life going is a full time job.. keeping people wanting to be part of living is an even bigger job.. and someimes it does not work.. lets hope for a better year


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