Today is a day worthy of dying

It takes a lot to get me to the point of despair but here I am floating about in it. This week started with a panic attack, followed by no room at the therapist office, there is never any news about funding.. all the world is up in arms about so many different things and if they don’t see or understand that there is a way to do something and a way not to do something.. think we are in the way not to at the moment.. Heaven help this country when we become immigrants in our own land, see how well it has worked out for the Native Americans. but policies besides I am not today, today I am tired of fighting for the right to breathe, tired of being a sigma, tired of being less then a person. Lucky for me I guess there is more resolve in the world then I have right now and I will live to fight another day… and hope this shit gets better.. come on people, rally for your neighbors, great pray for them but for got sake make a meal and bring it over, take them potty papper and drop it off, help their kid get to state competition because they earned it.. stop staring at the tv and binge watching whatever and reach out for a hand to hold.. so that we remember that we are each others families.. we are here.. some of us are dying. alone


Thank you for sharing below.

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