That girl doesn’t want to give up

The young women who was in contact with me in December called me again today.  She and her friends were still willing to work at raising funds so they were starting a gofundme page.  I thought that was sweet of her but if no one did anything during December and to most that is a holiday, then I doubt there is enough for anyone to do something now.  But, I encouraged her in her dedication to make a difference, and warned her about being attached to something with such a stigma.  High school kids they think their friends will be cool.  She mentioned the health class she took and how it was only taught that AIDS kills you, nothing about prevention, treatment, not getting HIV from hugging someone who has it.. and you don’t get AIDS, one becomes HIV positive and if the treatment and such fail, one can acquirer AIDS, and even then you can not give it to someone with a hug.  She was more hopefully this time to raise at least awareness if not hopefully some much needed funds..I wished her luck and thanked her for her concern..hope she does not get teased or caught up in the stigma.. her call has given me hope for the night.. a rare thing these days.. very rare


Thank you for sharing below.

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