That young lady

After a month of no one speaking with her and only two people coming to the service and light supper, I hope that the community however large she thinks she can get it does something for her.  The AIDS quilt is spread out across the lawns in DC and on quads across the country and people cry, black men are not in treatment and are at risk and not enough is being done to assist them either.  Just talking about it makes that young lady and strong lady, and I feel happy to have her fighting for all of us, because she really is fighting for all of us in one way or another. But what seems to make her the most frustrated is when people do not care.  Care for one another.. and that is what happens to folks with HIV, we can just disappear and that is a waste of a good life.. we still have hopes and dreams and things we want to do.. and spending the week end vomiting or pooping on the floor because the medication that is keeping me alive is ruining my life is not what I want.  And to have to do that alone .. because no one ducking cares.. except this young girl who just doesn’t want to give up.. Heaven assist her.. give her the hopefully look on the community that she needs and deserves.. Don’t let us die.. alone


Thank you for sharing below.

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