Friday Night, Wizard of Oz is on

Sitting at home on a Friday!! The kids are all out except for the youngest one.  Friday night woot woot.. I was thinking about how much of a good catch I am, I have no debt..yeah! I miss my job, I miss the people, not so much the injuries and ducking the punches but, there are other sections that I could explore maybe.  The thing about HIV is that it is not forgiving, not the disease, the specialist that you have to see, but never the ones you want to see.  Where to start or start over is a thing but I just don’t know what or how I am going to get.  The dilemma of new growth of anything really.  I read on the list serves how there are groups of women, LGTB etc all living and working hard to make change or keep what they have and I think that would be great! There are things that I would like to do but I am just not sure how to get there from here.  This struggle is not a solitary one but, it is an isolating one.  I am tired of being isolated and scared of being isolated.  So where is the Justice ? Where are the ideas that perhaps there should be things going on here ? How can I make something happen… When do I begin to matter again