This one girl.. has done so much..

Once  a young girl about 14 had a dream, that she was going to buy presents for Christmas for some families she knew where one of the parents had HIV, she asked me about it. Is said go for it but don’t be shocked if nobody gives.  She smiled the way the heart of the innocent does and went off.  Six weeks later after doing all sorts of things she came back and in tears apologized.  For what I asked?  Not one person raised or gave anything to buy toys for kids or food for a family that was struggling with HIV.  I said listen to me young lady.  HIV has been out of the news for a while now, nobody believes that it is a problem, especially if like us we live in a majority white area.  Nobody sees it.  Well what about you? What will you do?  She cried.  I said that I would be alright, it would be okay, not to worry.  To have HIV and to not have anything is rough, even in 2017 people are getting HIV.  A doctor once asked me how did you get HIV that is not something anyone gets any more?  See even professionals are thinking HIV doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that it does happen.  Right here in the midwest, the plains state, think about it. CDC says we are special because of the route from Chicago to the West Coast, then we have Omaha. and other things that make the way through.  But it is not the people who are here that know they have the virus and intentionally infect people, and I mean a lot of people!  I lived with a man for years and built a life with children and and so forth and I had no idea that while I was looking nights and he was suppose to be working nights he had another life with another women with another child.  There are times, where men have come to me who were in love with him and now had HIV and I was like what?  How can someone live so many different lives and for so long?  By the time we were over, and he had disappeared there were at least a dozen people who were looking for him, 3 or so were  male and all were HIV +.  I was and am still to this day very much destroyed. When my kids dad died I was all about raising them and I did not date for seventeen years… 17 years you read that right.. now I am face with losing my job, my ability to provide for my family, am a criminal in my own state if I fall in love again, like that will ever happen, and I am looking at this brave young girl, who just wanted to make a difference in her world.. in a little part of the country to raise money for the holiday.. the time when most people are suppose to be kind and loving and giving.. OH my dear Lord people, hear me know.. put away that trip to Starbucks, have a PB&J sandwich instead of going out to dinner, call up your church and have them raise a plate to assist this young late start her not for profit in her town so that she can prove that people do care!  That it is not all about ABC flying 30 women and a man around the world to find love, or that there is more then just angry in the world.  I am someone’s daughter, I was someones’ wife, and I am a bunch of persons Mumma and I want to live to see that youngest child of mine be in his midlife time.  so feel my pain, hurt, and sadness and spread that word, spread this post. Call up ABC and put them on notice, call up the Twins and inform them that this is what adulting is about, paying it forward and making it work for those in need.  Get out of those boxes people.. remember the song… if you have needs you need to borrow, I am just right up the road, I share your load, if you just call me.. call me.. when you need a friend.. I need a friend, this girl needs someone that superman has nothing on.. support the cause and make the difference in this little girls life and in the life of people like me, struggling alone when we know the struggle is not solitary!!!!


Thank you for sharing below.

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