Killing yourself -part II

The world turns and the sun shines somewhere all the time.. I was reading the other day, that it is a sin, crime or whatever you believe is the worst thing ever for a rich person to die a rich person. If you know who said that then you understand why it was said. People can have so much money that it takes longer then their live times to spend it, and I do not mean to spend on just crap, but to spend it on things that matter – people. This past week we lost many people who have no stake in a fight between governments to a gas. I have buried children and it is the most awful words cannot describe type of pain there is. I have buried grandparents, parents, siblings, friends, old and young but, to bury a child is a special kind of hell. To watch an entire city bury so many children and the pain comes right back to the top. If that kind of understanding could be taught or spread what a better way we would be in. I struggle, yes, but I struggle in a republic that is an experiment that has not gotten the process right as of yet. But I have a basic dwelling, access to water as clean as my government tells me it is, and very few bombs go off in the area. Yes I was betrayed and infected with something that will kill me, and makes me an outcast, and at the moment very much alone; but I still have a dwelling. A dwelling I would willing share with any family in dire need. The world is not that difficult to understand. The rich have all the money and do not want to share, so they kill off a few thousand at a time. The louder you are the quicker to the top of the list you go. I used to think that conspiracy theorists were wacked but in every grain of wacked is some truth. Look at it, the gas producing families have owned that process for hundreds of years, there is a system set up across the world to fill up a car. How much money would have to be spent to change that system to an electric one? How many more people have to die to see that killing people over money and lack of progress is just daft. The earth is as alive as anything is and it will answer when pushed too hard. If there are riches enough to buy islands – which is a question of ethics itself – there should be money enough to clean up the floating island of plastic that everyone seems to know about! It should be clear that when the house speaks about the change in the healthcare it means over 20,000 people will die from not having the health care that they can not afford..not because they didn’t want it! Where did the educational system go so off the rails to teach that while it is expected to share in grade school it is okay to bully the hell out of people the rest of your life? No matter the high book you believe in or even if you don’t believe in something after this life – we are each others family. I am the sister of the father carrying his dead child from that gas attack as he is my brother who I should be able to keep safe. Mostly I speak about the struggles of HIV and they are many and will kill me and many more like me in this republic and many other nations across the world but, what governments do not seem to understand the rich people in power do not get is that if you treat people as expendable, as not worth your time or even the need for clean water then you miss the first lesson of how to make a terrorist. The Revelation started in the streets with people stealing cannons in New York when there was a tax on tea. What happens when you disown your own people, YOUR OWN PEOPLE to make a profit? We are the people, we trust you as we vote for you to tend to the greater needs of the republic, not sell us out with lies and false promises. The coal miners whose jobs are gone, are gone. They are hard working family people in dire straights keeping their family feed. Instead of giving them some pie crust promise of more coal jobs – tell it to us straight. Coal is of the past. But we need you. We need your experience with the area to promote clean energy. Only the people who have worked the land for generations will be able to point out the safe spots to set up wind farms, or solar panels were the most sun will hit with directional movement. It the schools can use solar panels for their school zone lights and cities with their street lights, what is the trouble with facing the future and dealing with it with excitement and joy? Could you really tell me that the coal miners would be upset to have a job that paid enough to keep their families alive, with health insurance and where they could spend most of their time above ground? That a county would not take pride in providing safe roads, bridges and clean water through a combined construction and technology approach? This is suppose to be the greatest republic in the world so everyone things or so we are told.. is it propaganda or the truth? Rise up, before we all die…


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