Passover, Easter, just being a kind and loving person

Tomorrow is the beginning or the middle or end of some sort of religious event to a large many people. And I wish them peace during this time of celebration. I would like to ask a question. When you are celebrating that new life that new start that has been promised to you, that rebirth of spring do you ever think about anybody else? Ever? The mailings that come from feed the children in Africa to end the educational gap and the latest stat for kids missing school… not having clean clothes. Does anyone every think of them? Of us? I bring this up as I am in dire straits and am very frustrated with humanity today. Everyone knows I have children, I also have been blessed with what is titled a ‘fragile child’ which means that child is ill a lot of the time. That child can’t go more then ten days without something, usually breathing related.. and there is their allergies to nuts. So that child while already ill was accidentally given a part of a nut candy bar last night. And so God help us one and all that person went home while the three oldest in the house held the baby, washed the baby, gave the baby meds, watched the vomit and poops explode, get the epi pens out just incase, cleaned up after said baby and then held the child till they finally fell asleep at 430 this morning. As I lay trying to not throw up myself this morning because as you know if you don’t sleep long enough your medication will make you sicker, the phone rang! And I said to myself whoever this is I am going to kill.. alas it was my property management person who phoned to inform me that the landlord does not want to replace the windows in the bedroom so that can not long be used as a bedroom, maybe an office. The house is a 4-5 bedroom house but the one bedroom has no closet so it is not really a bedroom so that drops the number of rooms to three bedrooms. Sixty days and the inspectors will return, all the beds must be gone from that room. My landlord is a strong catholic man, from a rich catholic family. However, he is not replacing anything from the ceiling fans that didn’t work when we moved in to the washer and dryer that I was told did work when I moved in but did not in real life. But Tomorrow is a holiday for so many. I will not be able to go anywhere. I spent the day freaking out about where I was going to find someplace to move with all the kids in less then six weeks when the lease is up? But that cost money. If I die in this house then the landlord can’t rent it unless he informs everyone that someone died here and as I will be dead I will make it know it was from HIV.. I am not an unkind person my nature but I am on the edge here folks. I need some examples of the religious discussions – an invite to an Easter, Passover or just a Sunday lunch.. better yet just someone to drop off the lunch. A house that will not be held by a judgmental rich white man, maybe he just doesn’t like black people. I do not know. But I do know that a leased signed is another year, I was not looking forward to that either but life is not always neat. The birds sing early around here, 2 am in the morning.. they are up and singing.. I need to sleep and will need all the assistance I can get in finding a home..protecting my kids, and making the day a good day, for as many days as I have left..


Thank you for sharing below.

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