Just a little love in the world…..

lets talk about what we could do during any day or during pride week day, shall we. It is so much fun to pick up a magazine and see something about how a person living with HIV is doing so well. When is the last time you read a great article in Time or NewsWeek about the joys of living through the plague? You haven’t. The closed you may have found is a small story in USA Today some three months back that speaks about what a good basketball player that could pull the LA Lakers out of their slump. Standing in the midst of the locker room that he retired from should Magic Johnson, looking healthy as ever and employed. Not one word about his HIV was stated in the piece. Not one.. How sad..to be given the chance to be “greater than AIDs” as CBS states when they care.. to put that stigma down just a bit. I pray that just once one of those CBS cares’ people or just anyone actor, director, music person.. Please Don Henley drop me a line… I have a heavy load and I am unsure I can bare it.. alone.
But enough about me and that.. this is the time when I begin to think that it is only together that a difference can be made. Protest songs I learned coming up, “reach out your hand, make this place a better world. . . if you can” there isn’t much reaching.. The time has come when folks living with HIV will be in need of services to stay in their homes, nursing care, assisted living.. some quality of life that we cannot even get when we are young and mostly alive!!! Think about it people, the newspaper publishes the first person with HIV lives to get Alzheimer’s and everyone applauds? Why? Because you feel safe that even if you or a friend gets HIV that you will still live to be old? That a person who depends on medication to keep from dying but from killing others as well now can’t remember they need the medication? Because they will not remember that they have HIV? Why is there applauds?
Where is the real change? Where is the investment in holistic training for doctors, nurses, healthcare providers? Where are the retirement communities with the hot tubs and the dance halls, art rooms and day trips to Broadway? Where are the Assisted Living areas where families can still be families. Largest section of the population are the baby boomers, who cares? What about dignity in dying, that many of us do not get in life? Where is that? That is what I want to know? How can I be a part of that? Before it is too late at that Sad Cafe…


Thank you for sharing below.

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