Still want to call out Charlie Sheen!!

Come on Mr. Sheen!!! there are many of us out here that have been dealt this same card. We should have recognized the signs when you freaked out. But now you said yourself that you have your life back due to this trail injection… there are many of us at the other end of the scale Mr. Sheen!!! Left without the ability to work, gone through bankruptcy, all of our savings, still fighting with disability.. the lower social economic group of us!!! The ones with crappy access to doctors, care and medication.. the way that life works. So I also don’t have child support or alimony to deal with but guess what? There is nobody to pay it to me either. So come on Mr. Sheen.. lets pay it forward… support the cause, Right here, Right now!!! There is a paypal button on this website somewhere.. use it.. support the group where the rural life is so difficult that finding another person with HIV is like several three hours drive away..
Mr. Sheen I do not wish to be mean but, I am looking all around for support and there isn’t any.. and I am tired!!!!! I need to provide not only for my family but for others that are in this same situation! I have a plan but I need funding.. the type of funding that you could provide.. so please Mr. Sheen… come on out and partner up with someone who can promote and provide a middle space where newly dx people can catch their breaths and build a support system..
Mr. Sheen be the start of my good week… make a new friend.. repair some of the damage you have created and bring a good thing to life…. To The fullness of creation… come on Mr. Sheen.. bring it on!!!


Thank you for sharing below.

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