Today Sucks!!

I went to bed at a decent time last night and processed not to sleep.. night sweats are wonderful things when they come with low grade fevers if I lived in Siberia! I then went to my not so local ADAP office with a bill I needed assistance paying for when I was ill and in hospital the baby had to go to daycare for extra time total of 65$ of time.. but nobody can use “their AIDS funds” to pay this bill. This is why HIV+ people are OD on drugs at a higher rate then people without. Not saying that every life a bit of static must fall but the tumble weeds have turned into sheer straight line winds and I am having difficult hanging on. How do I get a wealthy benefactor? Or even just a well off benefactor? My oldest son loves Jason Dirulo maybe he would be up for the task? Perhaps providing a good role model for my sons along the way, playing basketball or reading the same book so they can discuss it, or volunteering together at the food bank. I don’t know.. and yes I understand that 3% of the people have 97% of the worlds wealth but on a day to day trying to live a life that means shit to me. Sorry for swearing but my day is done and I have very far to go still. No way to cover the cost at the moment. No way to cover the cost.. family values goes deeper then just being pro-life.. at this point most of congress is like kill them all and only the healthy ones will be alive and then health insurance will be super cheap.. WHOSE IS IT THAT GIVES THEM THE RIGHT TO THINK THAT MY LIFE IS OF LESS IMPORTANCE? WHO? I have to go now and figure out what I am going to do about the world.. I was intentionally infected by a man on a permanent resident card, me and about 15 others. INTENTIONALLY INFECTED.. He was running a very long con. Now I am bankrupt, jobless, totally and permanently disabled as defined by the Department of Education and there is no room in any of the “helpful agencies AIDS funds” to cover a daycare bill for when I was in hospital. Tell me, Not enough love in the world???


Thank you for sharing below.

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