Life, the unbearable of the sun

the sun has come out today for the first time in four days, it is not raining and the wind has slowed to less then ten miles an hour.. I am alone in my house. I have cancelled all my plans for tomorrow as there was nobody to go with me.. I can’t afford four or five of my medications. I don’t say that much because I am always more concerned about providing for the kids needs.. the brother of the man whom infected me quoted Bible text at me.. Job.. from far across the sea. Things are bad all over and worse in some places and I realize that but don’t quote Bible text at me, please… I need support, a friend, gas money to get to the doctors, to afford the medication I should be taking but can’t afford, to pay for my kids shorts, shoes, a tricycle for the baby, socks.. why are there never enough socks??? And why do people swear so much on Twitter?? People pray to their gods, hug their trees and hope that it will all be alright.. but the idea that they might have to do something doesn’t cross their minds. the idea that they have ten million dollars or a fifty thousand dollar watch doesn’t ever cross their mind that perhaps their god answered their prayers by providing the means to answer the prayers that they so often offer to the heavens??? Heaven help the poor. What do you suppose heaven gave you that ten million for? My AIDS fund are empty… quote what you want but leave me out of it.. there needs to be some back up to the thought, some thought into what you can do.. the AIDS fund people do not give money to people with HIV, that they can’t do. God knows we were what.. stupid enough to get HIV now we must be too dumb to know what we need to spend money on??? I appreciate the thought, I have great hope that it is only in my area that this occurs but am scared that it is not.. pray and pray and pray… when will Publishers Clearing House come to my house? Because my AIDS funds are empty.. because I am empty… because soon it will not matter… pray hard people… pray hard


Thank you for sharing below.

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