Shout out to Ramadhan!

it’s has been a rough three years coming up, there are people in my family studying to be a part of the Islamic faith and we are praying for them in their studies. We are so rural we have to rely on Webanars and such to learn, it is like Sunday school but on Saturday and on the computer. Mercy and grace guide us all of our days.. but that doesn’t fix this problem.. HIV is not going to go away, and with cuts that dip into the 60 million range for care of just the Ryan While funding, that is how you radicalize a person. Medical Coverage would be cut for so many on medicaid, and many people living with HIV and other hard core diseases are on Medicaid. The 850% increase for the elderly between 50 – 65 years of age is out of the mind kind of stupid. That type of increase would raise the medication I take from 2400$ to over a million for one month of pills. Pills to keep me alive and not able to infect anyone else. I have never been so embarrassed to be a part of this country then I am now. It is not about politics when parties play with millions of business deals and peoples lives. It is about privilege and capitalism. How much money can you get out of the dying ones, since smoking is killing off like it used too, lets turn the clock back and watch the HIV ones start to die off. That sounds like fun! Stop being a bunch of crazy ass mostly white privileged males with criminal records and or ethical violations and start BEING THE PEOPLE THAT YOU WERE ELECTED TO BE – FOR THE BETTER SERVICE OF THE PEOPLE – health care is not a privilege it is a right, start there, a female should not have to worry about attacks on her body from the public as well as her government – I feel hats will nice stylish hat pins coming back into fashion – children should not be hungry in their beds at night, Companies should not be raping our country for coal, minerals and oil they should be paying for the clean up of super fund sites and launching windmill sites, solar power and hydroponics. Nobody should ever be in danger when they report to work, not by the company they work for or from the people they know. I was physically attacked at work once and the company fired me for not answering the phones in a timely fashion. If any senator looking at this healthcare bill wants to know how a person gets radicalized in America now, all the white ones that are all over the news but are never labeled as Terrorists.. I would be happy to explain it to them. If they pass a health care bill that leaves more then 25 million without health care options I am sure the 20 – 30% of that number that will die would have no problem explaining it to both houses.
I still need an idea to support my family.. I need Mr. Charlie Sheen to stop acting like he had a good idea when he came out as HIV+ since rates of testing have gone up and man up to the idea that it was all the people he slept with that were afraid that were getting tested!! I have kids, I have bills, I have the right to be treated as a human a real person with value and insight!! Not dropped off the side of the road as a bump and kept alive barely with meds so toxic that they are killing me! Mr. Charlie Sheen my mother liked you, god rest her soul, now do something for her and cough up some money so we can start a good support group in my rural area of the world!! Ten million in bribes and you can’t find your way to come up with even a quarter of that to fund the needs of the people living with HIV that you belittled and jump the q for phase testing.. how does it feel to be on once a week shots? There are two ends to this line, the really well off and the poor and if American wants to see how we can truly assist each other with mercy and with faith, this is a good time – reach down out of your chrome covered castle and assist the poor Charlie!! Do it for my Mom, do it for Ramadhan, do it for the folks in my area that need basic coverage of things like potty paper and light bulbs, do it for the young lady starting the fund as a high school not for profit..where only a few donated you can make the fund flow over!!! They say nobody dies anymore from HIV/AIDs, but it is not true.. they just don’t want for the disease anymore, once you have been isolated and ignored and people are scared of you and your family, that is when people start killing themselves. It may not be from an opportunist infection as defined by some but I believe suicide caused by HIV stigma, isolation, side effect sickness, is indeed an opportunist infection. One that I or the folks that I know, are not immune too either – make a difference..


Thank you for sharing below.

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