The stranger in the crowd

Yesterday the young lady that is working so hard to make a difference in the lives of folks with HIV+ in her county worked a Pride Fair in the town south of here that is bigger then ours by three or four times.. So she did all this work and painting raffle, selling water, flowers, making things be known.. But it is funny how nobody wants to be known with the HIV. There are plenty of gay people about and a drag show and such and so forth and free HIV testing which saw some movement but, nobody needed anything thing and there was not any thought for people like me. The first ID doctor I had said that there was nothing to worry about, the people in Ryan White would pay the bill for the medicine and I would be okay, just take the medicine. And that was all he thought I needed to know. So now I am alone. Not a person to be found.. it was very depressing to be the ONE with the red letter H that is not hydrogen and not a person seemed to care. Nobody speaks about it, nobody is listening to those of us who are speaking about it.. I am in such pain today.. and yesterday was worse.. there is just nothing I can do.. and that is where I get frustrated for there should be something I could do.. but what..


Thank you for sharing below.

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