Going to die!! This is not helping..


This link is to a story from today’s headlines that speaks to reasons why having HIV is so dangerous. There are many people in the world and so many are in dire straights and if I could I would assist everyone. Right now I need the assistance!!! And I am not a millionaire, I cannot even get my disability straighten out due to the stealing of my identity. So I am a nurse, I have the training to be a nurse but I cannot practice patient care as a nurse, just read the article!! That makes it very clear. If I get stuck by a needle or bit by a patient then I could be charged with not disclosure of my status and causing others to be put in harms way!!! DAMN IT!!! I need to be able to provide for my family.. we need a house of our own!! I need to be able to at least provide them with that security of having a place to come home to. But how the hell am I suppose to do that!!! I need some solutions to the situation and I need them to be out of the box and well funded!!!! Like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs I need to be able to provide that first of basic needs for my kids… a safe, sturdy, clean, house that is not a fire trap or a bug/rodent problem.. where there is a back yard my deaf child will not get run over because they can only play in the front yard.. OMG, ANYONE OUT THERE!!! I am so messed up and it needs to stop. I can’t practice my profession, NOBODY cares about HIV anymore because unless you are arrested for giving it to someone else nobody sees it in the news! Nobody gives money to the families struggle to make the electric bill. IF my landlord finds out that I have HIV, he will evict me and my whole family.. six kids of varies ages.. homeless. oh you think that is illegal but you don’t live in the wild of the west where we do. And since nobody things that raising money for kids dealing with HIV in their families so that they can have Christmas presents of go to summer camp or even get a pool pass is worth the time, I am better off dead! And I am sure there are many radicalized white alt right, whatever they care calling them selves that would be all to happy to put a bullet in my brain. From far away so they didn’t get touched by the ‘dangerous’ splatter. THIS IS NOT JUST YOUR WALK IN THE WOODS! THIS IS LIFE AND DEATH, my life and death. That young lady of just 15, she tried again this past weekend to raise money at a Pride Day event in Sioux City Iowa, she travels.. she is so heart broken that not even at a Pride Day even could she raise money by selling flowers, or raffling off a painting, or anything! But, still she is determined to make a way!! I don’t know how? But she is determined and I hope she does for her county and then maybe wider. I have given a great many things a great deal of thought.. now I need the assistance of many to make it through!! Just someone assist my family please..


Thank you for sharing below.

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