The struggle is truly on!

Not sure how long people think that a person can survive without any income, friends, support, or someone to say their name, or hug them. Today I got my blood drawn and I didn’t even feel it. That is how long that vein has been cut open to bleed that it no longer has any feeling left to give. There is so much waste in the world – one episode of most any show can show you that! The Bachelor or the Bachelorette are good examples of so much money.. and there are parties all around the area where people come to drink wine and place bets on who will be the first to act a fool. I wish there was so much attention paid towards poverty, and in my case the need for HIV support, good schools that are not awful, and music programs that all kids could play in.. I am so tired of being so worried about what is going to happen next, that I am just tired.. When my legs stop working because the joint pain is just causing swelling and it wont move any more I am not sure what there is to do. I want to say that I trust that heaven got me this far that it will be alright but, this week I broke four toes and I am ill with cough and fevers along with the night sweats. I am just tired of not knowing.. and I am not going to be cured. Charlie Sheen maybe able to get into a trail based weekly gig but those of use that are POOR are way on the other end of the scale. Still standing in line with out futures cut short and no funding for anything. If the government passes the healthcare reform act then so many of us will die, horrible deaths, painful ones. The government must know that this is not the way to fix a problem, this is just a way to create a different one. This is how you radicalize a person.. you take away all their hope and threaten their lives by denying treatment, left to have their children watch them die.. who did the radicalizing then? True government tends to the needs of the people, not the golfing fees of the few. I have golfed most often maybe three times and always for charity. I cannot even imagine going golfing 22 times in just the 20 weeks of being in office. I remember when I was working it would take an act of heaven to get three days off in a row, much less have any money to go anywhere. It was purely for washing dishes, scrubs, and catching up with the kids and sleep. Heaven give me please the opportunity to support the lifestyle where I could go golfing and I would show the world what a leader is suppose to really do. I am dying over here. Literally and figuratively and without some serious support and inflow of cash and safety concerns, it will be an unpleasant death to have to bare and for my children to have to watch. Think about it people, what do you think happens to those who test + for HIV? Now that nobody is talking about the threat of AIDS, unless you are a black male having sex with a black male in the south.. we are here, and we are scared and we are not ready or willing to die, especially without a fight! And it will be a nasty fight that will bring AIDS back into the living rooms of America. For if a nation disowns their own people over profits then the people will comes the revolution..


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