Another day..

This disease does not give up. It just keeps picking away at the body and causing pain and problems. It is so difficult to find things that make sense in the world and this is not one of them.. If I see another Charlie Sheen write up about how his coming out has increased the number of people who are getting tested but what the hell!!! They are most likely all the people that he slept with! I really really really want people to understand that the poor of us who struggle with this disease are forgotten, left to despair, and rot. It is not fair.. long term survivors are living their lives not having to deal with the idea that they will live, people who are just now finding out that they are positive are told that they will not die early just take this pill and all will be fine.. but the medication kills the people too, and the access to the health care is under attack by the healthcare reform that is looking at killing at least 25,000 people.. real people, me, friends – actors that are well known, dancers.. only those among us that are poor will risk death. When we can no longer receive our medication due to lack of insurance that will kill us off easy.. but what people need to understand is that the easy way to make people into terrorists is to push them off the edge with threatening such things and then what.. there will be more cases and when will people see.. How many deaths does it take till he knows that too many people have died… I do not want to be blowing in the wind… CHARLIE SHEEN SEND MONEY!!! repent.. repent.. or at the very least assist me in building a safe place where others can come and be safe.. Donate, send money, don’t let the poor struggling among us to turn to dust.. for we will take many more with us!!


Thank you for sharing below.

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