It’s that time of the day…

Five- thirty rolls around and I am tired.. I should be doing something but it is less warm here then it is most anyplace else. I was reading some of the sites of other bloggers that follow mine and one said.. thank you to all you read this and share it keeps me going.. and that is true.. when I started this blog, nobody read it. All alone in the world, all alone in my dire straights, all alone in life and ready to be done.. but now five people follow me and so it is like they check in on me.. They all seem much happier then I and I am grateful for that so that one day I might get there.. but for tonight I wish there was money to pay the bills, and to buy food, and to get toilet paper, and that someone, somewhere would say to me, it is alright, I love you .. even if just for today… just for today…


Thank you for sharing below.

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