Still has not rained..

The ground is dry as peoples hearts in my area of the world. My memory is going and I cannot remember things that happened in the past or when they were discussed in the present. Difficult as I may need to find a job if Disability cannot find it in their wisdom to find on my behalf.. funny to be the nurse on oxy and benzos, taking care of your loved ones.

am tired heaven, and it is a long road were people who just have HIV are not special unless you’re Mr. Sheen and i dont mean special like hey what a great idea.. i mean sick enough or having enough problems living to be considered worth the time or trouble..did I say that the chiropractor I went to see said that HIV was curable now?.. guess nobody decided to fucking tell muscles are wasting away and the nutritionist said that I needed 135-200 grams of protein a day to keep the muscle mass i have, well if I had the moment to figure out how to do that along with everything else in the world I guess I would be better off.. my therapist wanted to know when I was going to write my book.. My life with Sucky AIDS Care.. bound to be a best seller.. I am tired and finding enough to eat to take the medication is a problem in itself.. now I am too tired to do the dishes, it is just past seven and I am going to bed.. God help me.. if not me help my children for I am doing all I can and feel like I am sinking.. and nobody is going to build a monument to HIV.. they build gardens of peace.. and a giant quilt that will not keep the nation warm.. or caring, or even in the know..
waiting on the rain.. love everyone..


Thank you for sharing below.

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