A little trip up the hill

So I fell yesterday in the parking lot of the gas station.. great move I know.. just what I need to be bleeding in public.. I broke a couple ribs and have bruises on everything else with swelling keeping it all company. It was only 2 pm, I had a lot of stuff to do still.. but could barely walk.. so thee was no diner made, because who is going to make it but me? I am so tired.. My chest hurts but, I don’t want to worry my PA and my HIV doc is like yup thanks for telling me, go see your PA.
I go to church, believe that God/Heaven is there.. I wrote a note to a church member who is a member of a prayer group and explained my situation about how we were going to be 500$ short for the month and that is with two daughters working three pt jobs.. that my breathing is getting worse in this heat they say it will get better but breathing with injuried lungs is hard enough. Anyway, I stated in bold big letters that I didn’t want his assistance with money but, that where a group of people who are gathered in Heavens name then their prayers are loud.. that is what I wished to ask him, also in big letters, that group of Knights of Columbus should be able to get a short prayer out for the dying mother of five kids and one grandkid… just one, then like the move said “When all hope is gone help will come from above in the shape of a donkey!” I know I watch veggie tales.. and I believe that .. all of it.. when people gather to prayer over a person it works.. I speak to the lady that was liverless then healed most everyother day.. she informs me in bold letters that I look tired.. and I am tired.. sore and can’t remember day to day crap but I know that with the right support and medication and all that crap this could be better.. the question is how to do all that when I can barely walk..

open for suggestions.. and #iloveGuam… don’t bomb people, it’s rude and terrorist event.. and as always, feel free to send donations.. not just money but silverware, bandaids, stuff people don’t think about.. dishwasher soap.. Is there anyone out there?


Thank you for sharing below.

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