School starts today for some and on Wednesday for other and I have no money for a hair cut for one child or socks for either child. I got an over paid your student loan check and I got new tires and such for the girls cars because I have no damn car and now I have no damn refund check. Disability is run by Satan I am sure over two years and we still dealing with this crap. Come on.. I need to have my disability settled. I can’t do anything from staying awake to getting socks for my kids.. I am about to write a post about How HIV turned me into a Whore because that is what it is going to do and I am very frightened.. What the there left to do? The president is willing to let people fight against each other that he doesn’t care if the HIV treatments are gone or just deadly so he will turn us into assassins against our own people and ourselves. becuase if he did care or ABC cared.. or CBS Cared or any fucking person right now gave a fuck about me and my kids or this stupid place I am in then someone would be assisting.. But guess the hell what??? nobody is offering.. not a church member could be bothered to take the kids shopping, not a university office, not a therapist, not a friend. a fucking friend if I still had any.. can be bothered enough to assist me and my kids.. THIS IS WHY FAMILIES ALL UP AND KILL EVERYONE, and why not what do we have to loose? There will be those happy Alt-rights dancing on our graves anyway… too bad I am going to be cremated…


Thank you for sharing below.

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