Off to the MRI – how much worse, guess we will see..

It is not just for me that I c/o about my state of affairs it is the doctors who do not seem to care, the nursing staff really trying to answer my questions and the doctors from other areas that find the reason is HIV and still can not make my infectious disease to agree. It is not going well in mudtown. My birthday was a few days ago, nobody took notice. Seems that they all think I am dead or gone already. The head therapist wanted to know why I didn’t tell everyone so that people who knew me would then be moved to assist me and my family in a more helpful manner. If that was the case I guess our landlord who is part of the church and owns so many hundreds and many houses has his charitable giving covered by his greed. That people I know and love understand that for the past two years I have had masses in my lungs and on my spine and if that isn’t enough to cause an out pouring of care in my community then I suppose there isn’t enough love in the world.
I choice to buy food this weekend instead of paying for a different bill. Now I am in more of a mess.. there just isn’t unmessy going on.. When the kids got run into by the semi they walked away without an injury of gross but the care= remained totaled and I am begging rides to MRI, and Doctor appointments because we have to drop the car off to get it fixed. the last of the working cars needs a new fan belt.. I am not sure but I know we need another car and soon, the daycare bill needs paying the tuition bills need buying and we need toliet paper.. and I need a reason to keep getting out of bed in the morning .. I am so said that it is very difficult to even believe that anyone would still care about me..

show me some love people…


Thank you for sharing below.

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