Then this other thing happened

we ran out of toothpaste right, well again seven people in the house.. i forgot if I have said that for the last 8 days I have been throwing up and such with the medication side effects and then I have to lay in the bed and not sleep but too weak to get out of the bed to do much and still tend after several small children as well as a few older ones. Anyway, after all that I got to the doctor and I lost 8 pounds in a week and my blood pressure is tooo high.. so come back in two days.. lost another pound, and my blood pressure is better but not great. so come back next week and try try to eat something.. deep sigh.. so in the now up to 10 days that I have been to weak to do much the house has run out of toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, light bulbs and they are so important to have on hand at all times, cleaning supplies, totally behind the laundry scheduled, and the shopping has just been hit and miss for food. God Bless Food Stamp Day Finally!!! which we are grateful for along with the house and the heat and access to education and healthcare but I am tired, weak from lack of food, sleep, you pick your reason. Then move on to the solutions for me. I have to go back to the doctor next Wednesday and then the week again after that perhaps by then it will be alright. I have sever allergies and asthma in my house and I have called in all the refills I need for everyone but I don’t have my co-payment to pick up mine so I just haven’t gotten any yet which is just not right.. and I will have to go and just say I don’t want mine right now and pick up the others until we can get the co-pay to start to get them again. It is not that much under ten dollars but when you have no dollars finding ten is just like waiting on the spirit from Christmas….


Thank you for sharing below.

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