What I learned today..

I don’t have anyway to get to the doctor appointment tomorrow, called the ryan white people and they were like we will call a cab.. so I waited for the information and then I got a call and it was like I will send you the cab number on my personally phone and then in the morning two hours you call.. So it is the day before and I called the cab company and such to make sure and they were like we need it paid for and you really need to set up today due to the weather.. so I called the Ryan White people and then they were like no not going to do it till tomorrow.. and now I have no transport because the cab won’t come tomorrow unless I book today, and the Ryan White folks won’t send the form for payment until after business hours today.. so who does this hurt? Killing yourself is not a positive coping skill.. we also need milk, OJ, eggs, tea, lemon juice, sugar, along with some toothpaste, toilet paper, two tires, laundry soap, snow boots, you know things that money would buy if I had any.. and don’t I wish I had some.. or a way to make some.. but no, I have to be in a state where HIV care sucks and the state is trying to kill me.. I am tired of working on getting things done only to hit wall after wall after wall.. just keep telling myself that killing myself is not a positive coping skill.. besides too many other people are actively trying to do it for me..


Thank you for sharing below.

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