Bless people’s heart they are so confused at holidays about their own guilt I think.. or that they never learned that kindness is a year round event. Not just from December 1 till about say the 18th.. then they can focus on their own celebrations believing that the best they could do has been done. I appreciate their efforts but something has to be done for the rest of the world to understand that people are people all year round.. if they can’t afford toilet paper in December they are not going to be able to afford it in May. At least not in this case. That young person called to say she worked on a letter writing campaign this year, sending out so many letters that she could afford asking for gift cards to help all the families in our area, she phoned to apologize that nobody responded to her requests,again. I feel bad for her but am happy that her spirit keeps her working on the concept that all folks are sometimes in need and that hose we speak less of and in whispers with fear overtones and just people trying to get to the end of the week just like the next person. I am tired.. I had a full breakdown last week as I signed up for holiday present assistance from a local charity but because of ill children I could not get there and they got my phone call late, so they donated all the toys and clothes that they had left to other places..and wished me a Merry Christmas! I have been unable to provide for my family from a profession that i love for two and a half years and and had a hearing last week where everyone was just being so mean and I am just on the verge as it is and that night with her Merry Christmas I lost it! It is not like I asked for games and Xboxes and such.. socks, snow boots, gloves, IDK. Am sure that there is a way for us to make it through the season I am just not sure what that way is yet… not do I want to find out.. but I am thinking happy thoughts for that little adult and their efforts in raising awareness and for people who love to give food at the holidays. I have 57 – that is right fifty seven pounds of potatoes that just showed up and bread that was moldy so it got tossed but it says something when the answer to other peoples able to be assisted is to give potatoes, over and over again! GOD help me please!! Allah reigns his blessings just as the Creator of Heaven has the power to keep me calm as no one wants another break down and all these fine Holy people along with the Blessed Mother Mary to please send some people who like potatoes, and want to give presents to some children.. socks, coats, boots, sneakers, jeans, mittens, blankets and the such.. yes they do like to go to the movies and to fast food as well but I don’t want to be proudful.. I was hopefully that someone would just ask them if they wanted to go with them to see the damn movie.. but why is it that no one remembers the single parent kids when ever they do anything? HEAVEN HELP ME PLEASE WITH A HAPPY THANKFUL HEART.. i REQUEST HELP, A HUG OR TWO WOULD BE NICE AND LORD i NEED A HAIR CUT..


Thank you for sharing below.

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