Holidays are rough

There is nothing more then i would like to do then to provide for my family, and to have them home for the holiday. That doesn’t seem to be working so much these past few years. I work at it and work hard but children grow up and do things that they need to experience, and not working causes for not being able to provide. Holidays, they are just rough.. there are families that are gathering and having huge dinners and inviting other people to join with them in the spirit of the holiday. I pray we just make it to the other side and can still keep what traditions we have as the kids start going out on their own. I would really rather not do Christmas.. there is no joy in it for me.. but I struggle each year now to make sure that there is some joy in it for the kids.. some sense of normal.. so here is to the holidays full of joy and glad tidings for the children everywhere.. and for those of us that have been outcasted or just alone and isolated.. let it be known that there are others that are isolated and when it is time for our quilt pieces to be placed with the AIDS Memorial Quilt then maybe people will remember us, after we are dead.


Thank you for sharing below.

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