Will start the Year of the Dog

It has been a long holiday season and we are looking at putting away the decorations and tree. The lights on the outside of the house were put up when it was warm and might need to wait until it is warm again. The young lady called to say she was sorry again for the lack of support from her community as she was working to raise awareness and gain gift cards and such. Now it is just the waiting till spring is here to get through the winter will be tough. I am very much in a blah mood. So much to get through and I am just not into at the moment.. The day to day is what gets me, I am struggling with not having the energy to get things done like the dishes and the laundry and then there is the things I would love to do with the kids. I am so just trying and it sucks. Maybe the year will start with the Blue Moon this month or the Year of the Dog and it will be better. It’s easy to be tough, it’s harder to be strong.


Thank you for sharing below.

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